April 19, 2011


Grapefruit is such a pain in the ass to prepare for eating...but they are SO worth it! Every year around Christmas time a box of grapefruit would arrive at our house. My paternal grandmother, Nonnie, would have a box sent to each of her kids and their families.  It was a marker than Christmas was coming very soon, better be extra good, cos Santa is watching. ;) And oh god they tasted SO good!  They looked so pretty. Just looking at them would make my mouth water! I loved them.

Nonnie died in January of 2000, and I can count on one hand the number of times I have eaten grapefruit since then. I don't know why I stopped eating them. it wasn't a conscious decision. Last week I was in the grocery store and I walked past the display of grapefruit and suddenly I wanted one more than anything I have ever wanted before. I bought two, and hoped they would be as good as I remember. I just ate one...
Oh god so good! That's good to know! I will definitely be adding grapefruit to my diet!


  1. I just eat them like an orange, not a pain at all! I'm glad you rediscovered grapefruit.

  2. Bina, I just peeled it and sectioned it. The bitter white stuff didn't want to come off and that's what was a pain. Doesn't matter, it was worth it! I'm glad I rediscovered grapefruit too. :)