April 18, 2013

DONE DONE DONE! In case it's not clear...I am done!

Still not dead yet.  ;)  I am out of the boot from hell and in this lace up ankle brace thing that is seriously uncomfortable, I only wear it when I leave my apartment.  A week ago I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and an inner ear infection.  I know this cos I got badly dizzy and fainted in my living room.  I had to call for an ambulance.  One of the paramedics remembered me.  That is the number one sign you have become a danger to yourself...even if it is an accidental danger!  Do assisted living places take 37 year olds? ;)

It is almost Delilah's 11th birthday.  I cannot believe he is going to be 11...how did that happen?  I am amazed...I love him so much.  I am grateful daily that he is my kitty boy.  I just got the evite to my nephew's 3rd birthday.  I cannot figure out how in the hell he is about to be 3...that just is not possible, is it?  Also, I am not sure what to get him for his birthday.  Suggestions are welcomed.

I am so fucking sick of snow!  It is mid-April now...enough already!  NO MORE SNOW!  I know we need moisture, and I am all for rain.  I love rain.  But I am done with snow.  I am also done with migraines already!  The stupid meds do help, a little.  They take the edge off...but they do not make them go away.  I am not too happy about that.  I have already had two of them...this week!

I know I have said this more times than I can count...but I am so sick of hurting.  I wish that someone was willing to actually give me pain meds for my pain!  I wish there were meds that actually treated fibromyalgia, none of the ones I have taken have worked so far.  I also wish the stupid government/researchers/doctors etc would actually figure fibromyalgia out...and figure out how to fix it control it whatever...cos this shit fucking sucks and it fucking hurts and I am fucking sick of it!

Okay...I'm done.  I guess I needed a rant.  I hear my bed calling to me.  Not literally mind you...that would worry me being schizophrenic and all... ;)  Thankfully no auditory hallucinations regarding the bed at the moment.  LOL!


  1. I think this has been one of those weeks. Yesterday was "bitch about absolutely everything" day for me. LOL! Hope you feel at least a little better soon.

  2. I am a bit better today. I usually am on Glee day. ;) Maybe if I wasn't such a spaz I would have made the correlation between Glee day and the day I spend the most time singing, a hell of a lot sooner! To borrow one of Hermione's lines, "What an idiot."

  3. Just a quick note from Your Betrothed to let you know that the last two adds are me! The S.S. kitty and the one with no name.

    Stalkingly yours,