March 15, 2013

Random stuff about me...

I spent most of my life actively disliking raisins.  I recently bought a box of Rasin Bran Granola...and it has been yummy.

Loud noises are physically painful to me, but only certain frequencies.  I am fine at a loud rock concert, but feedback will leave me begging for mercy.

I cry when I am excited.

The first genre of books I loved were mysteries.

I played the violin when I was in grade school, I have yet to find an instrument I loved playing as much as the violin.  I had to stop because we moved, and my new school didn't have an orchestra program...just band.  I picked up the flute instead.  I hated it.

I took eight years of French, and was once fluent.  I have a feeling if I needed to remember it I could.

Even when I straighten my curls!

I didn't start biting my fingernails until I was an adult...and I don't do it all the time.

The only reason I stopped sucking on my finger at night is because I got braces on my teeth.

I was born with my feet turned in, pigeon toed, I had to wear special shoes to straighten my feet.  My legs got turned out too far which is part of why my right knee and hip are a mess.  Made for all kind of awesome when I was in ballet though. ;)  

I love to bake...but I hardly ever bother.

I needlepoint naughty sayings.  I have been working on one and off that says "Merry Fuckin' Christmas"

I hardly ever finish projects that I start.

When I was in junior high and high school and even part way into college I was an extremely prolific writer.  I rarely write anymore.  The stuff I wrote then is bloody awful!

There are poems in my poetry notebook, written during nervous breakdowns, that I don't remember writing.  But I know they are mine cos they have my name and the dates they were written on them.  There is one that has neither my name or a date on it...I am not 100% sure that I wrote it, so I don't show that one to anybody, in case it's not mine.

I broke my back once, I don't know when.  I have two theories on when it happened.  Apparently my pain tolerance is that when I bitch about being in pain I bloody well mean it!

I loved ice skating when I was a kidWe lived across the street from a pond that froze.  I ice skated every day.  I still miss it, even though it has been over 20 years.

Christmas is my favourite holiday even though I am usually depressed and it holds no religious meaning for me.

My first Doctor was Tom Baker...when I was just a little kid.

My favourite Doctor is David Tennant

I remember exactly where I was when I found out John Lennon had been killed.

I still hate the San Diego Padres for beating the Chicago Cubs in the 1984 NLCS

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