March 4, 2013

In which our blogger has a rant...

There is something I need to get off my chest...and since this is my blog...

I am so bloody tired of being diabetic!  It's been more than half my life that I have been dealing with this.  I feel like a sodding pincushion.  I am sick of the I shouldn't eat that waking up sweaty in the middle of the night shaking and sweaty and confused and needing food.  I'm sick of highs and lows and no middle ground...I dunno why I can't hit "normal" much lately.  It seems to always be one or the other.  Neither of which is good, I might add.  I just made an appt with my doc, maybe she will have some ideas.  Maybe not.  Fuck...I dunno.  I just know I am bloody tired of this.  

All the docs, nurses, educators etc told me all the counting carbs and testing and insulin doses would become second nature to me.  Yeah, they never did.  Okay maybe somtimes they are, and maybe sometimes I ignore some of it...but mostly it's a royal pain in the arse!  

Sorry it has been a frustrating weekend with this...and I just needed to say all that.  I'm done now.

It's snowing here, hard.  Which would explain why my knee has been hurting so much for days... Yesterday I was out and about with a T-shirt and no jacket on.  Gotta love this Colorado weather.  LOL!



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