March 3, 2013

And..we have a pattern...

Well look at this...I think we have a pattern here!  Three days in a row...nice!  Or maybe not so decide. ;)

I got together with Gina today...we went out for crack I mean boba.Same thing really.  I had a chocolate peanut butter frozen one...oh god so good!  SO GOOD!  

Then we went to the new Cost Plus World Market that just opened.  It's a new location...WAY bigger then where they were before.  And I am happy to report...
THEY HAD JAMMIE DODGERS! I had been having trouble finding them locally for years now I was so happy to see them...I bought four packages!  It was crazy crowded in there but there was music to distract me, and Jammie Dodgers, which are worth any kind of anxiety I might have had.  Happily it wasn't too bad.  I got some other stuff too but the most important by far was my yummy happy yummy Jammie Dodgers.  In case anyone wasn't clear on this...I LOVE those things.  Seriously...LOVE them!

My knee hurts...a lot.  It started yesterday.  I took some narcotic pain pills for it yesterday evening and then had a nice six hour nap.  Best sleep I have had in weeks.  Of course now that I broke down and took the pills I WANT MORE!  Fucking slippery slope having chronic pain and an "issue" with narcotics.  When I say issue, I really mean mild addiction.  I say mild cos I managed to quit on my own.  It was hell, but I managed.  I think part of the reason I want more right now is cos I am still in a hell of a lot of pain.  The problem is which is worse a mild dependance or the toll massive chronic pain takes on the body?  Six of one half dozen of the other.  It was great sleep, though.

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