March 7, 2013

Only me...

Okay so here's one for your only Holly file... March 5th ...

Migraine...take meds...go to bed...wake up on floor confused...haul self back into very confused on phone...freak mum out...get up to use loo...have legs go to jelly under you...fall and hit pile of unpacked in so much pain can't ambulance...get taken to ER...find out you have strained back muscles and fractured ankle.  Yeah fractured ankle.  Shit shit shit!  So am in one of those boot thingies and on pain meds that aren't working very well.  My back hurts too.  

To say we are not amused is an understatement. 

I think I need a padded cell somewhere...or perhaps a keeper.  Or maybe to stop leaving my bed...although apparently I fall out of that so might not help.  I don't know. :(


  1. Shitfuckdamn, be careful gurl! Sending healing vibes, this sucks.

  2. Shit fuck damn are good words for it yeah. And I just made my back spasm more cleaning up a broken glass...which also sucks!

    Thanks for the healing vibes...I'll take 'em! <3