January 3, 2011

Retail Therapy

I do love retail therapy!  I had quite a bit of it yesterday!
I rolled out of bed feeling kind of "blah" and decided rather than rolling right back into my bed as soon as I took my meds that I would call Gina and see if she wanted to go to Build-a-Bear workshop.  She did! :)  I had Christmas money to spend, and I have been wanting to get my bear Owen a playmate. ;)  So off to the mall we went.  Usually malls are hard for me, even with my walker...but with the addition of the oxygen it was no problem! :)  I bought crazy earrings that I have loved for six months...they were half off so I felt like I could afford them.  Here is a picture of them...

 I know they are massive, but they are not the biggest earrings I have ever owned!  I showed a picture of them to my parents and my dad couldn't believe they were earrings and is convinced they would pull him over.  My response was, "They aren't really your style anyway, Dad."  I also got jewelry at Forever 21 and Claire's. :)

And I got a playmate for Owen Bear...
Say hello to, Toshiko Bear. :) Yes, they are named after Torchwood Characters...no they really aren't in "costume" right now.  Owen bear does have scrubs and a little lab coat complete with an "I'm a mess" pin...but he was sick of wearing them. ;)

Here are Tosh Bear and Owen Bear together...

Cute little couple, aren't they? :)

So, mission accomplished, I spent my Christmas money on fun things, I had a fun time with Gina and I got jewelry and a new teddy bear out of it.  Yup...retail therapy worked perfectly! ;)


  1. Tosh says, "Thanks, auntie Gina. Can Barry and Randolph come over to play?"